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Chaka Weekly Programming: 5/6/19 to 5/11/19

We are one week away from our first Chaka Boot Camp!! At this time, it is only being offered on Sundays for 6 weeks, starting May 12th, for only $59! Have a friend sign up and as an unlimited Chaka member you can join in on the fun. Space is limited! Don't let your friends and family miss out on this chance to test out their fitness and workout at Chaka.

We are in Week 6 of our 12 week cycle. We will continue to do some explosive, technique and strength work related to our Olympic lifting complex. Last week was heavy on barbell cycling so this week we will back off from that, but increase our volume of pull-ups to prep for the repeat of "Fight Club"!

Monday: We are kicking the week off with some fun accessory work. Challenge yourself with our explosive kneeling jumps and then test out some pulling work with a variety of choices including the peg board, legless rope climbs and sled pulls! Complete two mini WODs with a short break between and then redo them and try to beat your times!! Chaka Fit will be all couplets. Work through three different couplets all during high speed 4 minute windows.

Tuesday: CrossFit will take on an aerobic day with three 10 minute intervals, think about the WOD as 30 total minutes and pick a pace you can maintain! Chaka Fit will start off with a strength component working on horizontal pressing (dips) and overhead stability (wall walks). The WOD in bookended by two 1000m rows. In the middle complete 5 rounds of ring rows, deadlifts and farmer carries!

Wednesday: Today we hit up some work for our strength complex with a clean deadlift + below knee power clean. Challenging yourself by going heavy today, you will have 12 sets to push your limits! And sprint chipper is the featured WOD in the CrossFit class, challenging you with high volume T2B! Chaka Fit will revisit some heavy dumbbell front squats in the strength portion and then be pushed with max effort bike and squat thrusts in two separate EMOMs.

Thursday: Today's running WOD is a unique scenario will you will run for an allotted amount of time instead of a set distance. If the window is a 4 minute run you will run away from the box for 2 minutes, and then high tail it back before the end of the 4 minute window. If you succeed you will have no penalty after the workout! The key is not to dog it on the way out, challenge yourself to run hard out and even harder to get back!! Everyone will be running different distances, so this is very much an individual workout. Remember you can also take on the same challenge with the bike or rower if you prefer not to run!

Friday: CrossFit will be doing bottom up front squats to work on digging out of the hole of the hang squat clean and front squat in our strength complex from this cycle. Then tackle a WOD of descending reps of double unders, pull-ups and SQUAT snatches (with increasing weight)! Chaka Fit will do a workout for time that has each movement alternating with 10 wallballs...can you challenge yourself to do all of the wallballs unbroken?? Class will then finish up with a core buy out!

Saturday: Chaka Fit will start out with an AMRAP 3, then do an AMRAP 5 of the same movements, and finish up with completing all of the movements for time. At the 3 minute mark of the second two pieces will you have completed as many reps as in the opening 3 minutes? This is just another unique way to gauge your pacing! CrossFit will work through 5 rounds of running, hspu and HEAVY hang squat cleans!! A fun and challenging workout for a Saturday!

Sunday: 10am-12pm Open Gym, 10am Boot Camp. Note: Open Gym will still be available, but a portion of the floor may be earmarked for Boot Camp.

32 8th Street, Suite 11, New Cumberland, PA 17070  E-mail: chakacrossfit@gmail.com Tel: 717-710-2497 

*easiest access via 11th Street

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