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Chaka Weekly Programming: 5/13/19 to 5/18/19

It's hard to believe that our 12 Hours/12 Hero WODs event is only 2 weeks away! Remember all of the proceeds go to the Small Steps in Speech charity that was started in Honor of Marc Small of Collegeville, Pa, who lost his life in Afghanistan serving our nation as an Army Special Forces medical sergeant. You can come for part of the day or all of the day, don't miss out on this great opportunity to workout in honor of our fallen heroes. CLICK HERE to sign up today!

Week 7 is here, and we are continuing to climb heavier in our training for our strength complex this week with hang squat cleans and clean pulls. The timing of our interval work is lining up well with our retest for "Fight Club" and we continue to visit barbell cycling in workouts this week to gain efficiency and mental toughness!

Monday: Starting fresh at the beginning of the week we will make the priority hang squat clean doubles!! Start heavy (80%) and get heavier! The WOD will feature descending reps of HSPU and RKBS with a goblet carry to continue to hit that core strength! Chaka Fit will work hamstring strength with some rower curls and pulling strength with a bent row to kick off class, then finish out with a partner WOD on the rower!

Tuesday: It's interval day. CrossFit will work through 5 minute intervals that always end in a max effort of double unders, no excuses to not test out your double unders today!! Chaka Fit will work through five 1 minute stations, trying to collect max reps at each station before earning a 2 minute break.

Wednesday: CrossFit will be pulling heavy from the floor to work on keeping the bar close and finding that contact point at a weight HEAVIER than your complex with some clean pulls! Class will finish out with a partner workout (or fly solo) with ten rounds of burpee box jump overs and rope climbs! Chaka Fit will work quick transitions between burpee deadlifts and hang squat cleans right into a run, no rest in this workout today just push until you finish!

Thursday: Today's running WOD is "Luke" but with dumbbells! The workout alternates 400m runs with a variety of movements, attempt to pace all of your runs the same! As always the runs can be subbed out for a row or bike option!

Friday: The CrossFit explosive work this week comes in the form of weighted lunge jumps, be sure to extend your hips all the way at the top! The WOD will be a play on Hero WOD "DT", a longer, lighter version called Double DT on a diet...get ready to hold onto the barbell! Chaka Fit has a double WOD day...a descending couplet right into five rounds for time. A fun buyout of death by tire flips will finish out the day--partner up or go solo for this one!

Saturday: In preparation for our 12 Hours/12 Hero WODs, both classes will feature Hero WODs today. Chaka Fit will take on one called "Loredo" that, similar to "Murph", is all running and bodyweight movements! CrossFit will do an interval style one called "Holbrook" that is 10 rounds with a rest in between each round.

Sunday: THIS SUNDAY ONLY! Open Gym will be from 9am to 11am today, PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGE!

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