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Chaka Weekly Programming: 5/20/19 to 5/25/19

Don't forget that this coming Saturday, May 25th is our 12 Hours/12 Hero WODs event. Every hour on the hour we will complete a Hero WOD. The $30 registration fee gets you access to all 12 hours, plus a shirt IF you participate in each hour. Shirts will be available the week after the event. 100% of the proceeds will go to the Small Steps in Speech charity in honor of Marc Small. Click HERE to register today! Interested in joining us just for 1 hour? You can choose the regular drop-in option for that!

The workouts will be scalable to all ability levels. You can tackle each WOD by yourself or with a partner!

Saturday will be a long day, you will need to fuel properly to make it through all of the workouts. Sign up to bring food to share by clicking the link HERE. You can see what others are bringing and help us supply a variety of food for the day. We will fire up the grill after the last WOD so bring a cold beverage to enjoy in addition to your grillables!

Raffle items will be given away after each WOD so don’t miss out on the fun!

We are now at week 8 of our cycle! This week we will take a break from practicing our cleans and work on some snatch technique. You will see a little bit of a taper toward the end of the week to save your hands/grip and recharge your bodies to get ready for Saturday's big event!

Monday: CrossFit will kick off the week with a longer workout, you will perform 3 rounds of work with 2 minutes rest between rounds. Record your time for each round separately and attempt to hit the same time for each one! Chaka Fit will also be in for a longer one today, but they will tackle three separate mini workouts with a break in between.

Tuesday: CrossFit will work on their snatch technique in an EMOM by breaking down the movement to work on keeping the bar close and to practice hitting full depth of that overhead squat. Class will finish out with an AMRAP of ascending reps. The twist is that each round ends with a bike sprint and you will literally have to sprint to the bikes to get your calories in! Chaka Fit will work through descending reps of dumbbell movements, it may seem like you are finished but you will rest and then repeat the same work to try to beat your time! Class will then finish out with a core buyout.

Wednesday: Today the CrossFit class will spend some time breaking down the push jerk. Three separate EMOMs will help you focus on each position and maximizing your hip extension to drive the bar overhead. The WOD will also take on an EMOM style but you will complete the work every two minutes to earn yourself a bit of rest. Chaka Fit will work on pushing HEAVY sleds today, and then will race to finish five rounds of a couplet!

Thursday: After some overhead stability and pressing work our running day will take on speed form this week. Death by 10m will seem easy when you start, but as the work increases each minute and your rest decreases things will get spicy!

Friday: Work your explosiveness with seated box jumps today (they are fun!) and practice getting upside down on your hands! The WOD is technically our interval day even though it looks like a partner workout. You will rest while your partner works so be sure to push hard when it's your turn! Chaka Fit will kick off class with some core crushing strength work and finish up with an AMRAP that features the sandbag!

Saturday: Check out the line-up of workouts HERE, we will begin the warm-up for the first workout promptly at 7am! Feel free to stop in at any point during the day to cheer people on or to hop into a WOD! You can choose the option of a single drop in to pay for one hour.

Sunday: Open Gym 10am-12pm.

Monday: SCHEDULE CHANGE...for Memorial Day we will offer one class at 9am for "MURPH"!

32 8th Street, Suite 11, New Cumberland, PA 17070  E-mail: chakacrossfit@gmail.com Tel: 717-710-2497 

*easiest access via 11th Street

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