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Chaka Weekly Programming: 6/3/19 to 6/8/19

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Monday begins week 10 of our cycle! Last week we worked on heavy power cleans as we continued to break down the complex that we are testing. This week we will find our limit with hang squat cleans! Our accessory work will target the upper back with a new exercise, and HEAVY sled pushes for explosiveness.

Monday: In the CrossFit class we will combine aerobic work with barbell cycling practice and pull-up volume to continue to prep for the "Fight Club" retest. Two mini workouts will be separated by a brief rest, find a pace you can move at without resting until it's required. Chaka Fit will complete three segments each of five rounds, one will flow right into the next so be ready to just keep plugging along.

Tuesday: CrossFit's strength will hit a lot of upper body with lower weight/resistance and higher volume. Come in to check out the new banded fly variation! The workout is a bottleneck that starts off with a longer than normal row and ends with max reps of box jumps. The Chaka Fit strength will light up your hamstrings, no need for machines to hit this importance muscle group. The WOD is a basic AMRAP that has opposing pulling and pushing movements to target your upper body!

Wednesday: Today is the day that we get to challenge ourselves with heavy hang squat cleans, get your grip ready to hang onto the bar! The CrossFit WOD is a unique one where you will perform 100 burpees but your progress will be halted every other minute when you will have to complete to heavy split jerks!! Chaka Fit will start off class with heavy front squats, use dumbbells or kettlebells to climb as high as possible. Don't worry you can have a friend help load them in the front rack for you. Descending reps will be the style of the WOD for Chaka Fit, but the weight increases as the reps decrease for the dumbbell power cleans!!

Thursday: Today's running workout is a partner one, run with a friend and then split the reps of the movements when you return! The runs increase in distance, ending with one mile! It's also the first Thursday of the month so the Empowerment Project is back for it's 7pm meeting!

Friday: It's interval day for both classes. CrossFit will start off with heavy sled sprints and handstand push-up practice and then work through three intervals of six minutes. The power cleans are heavier than "Fight Club", attempt to cycle these and then when we retest it will be a piece of cake! Chaka Fit will start off their class with five minute intervals and end with a buyout that will target hips, glutes and upper back!

Saturday: Chaka Fit's WOD will require a partner and is limited by a 35 minute cap. You will complete a "buy in" and then use the remaining time in the 35 minutes to complete as much work as possible! CrossFit's WOD is taken from the 2018 CrossFit Games. This one is called "Jump Finish" and was featured in the Teen and Masters Divisions.

Sunday: 10am-12pm Open Gym

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