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Chaka Weekly Programming: 7/8/19 to 7/13/19

We are in week 2 of the current microcycle. This week we will continue to progress with our snatch technique, and we will use the backsquat 5RM weight from last week to complete this week's sets of backsquats. Remember, continue to focus on transitions and limiting rest. We will use an EMOM to build in your rest and not allow you to take more than allotted!

Monday: We will hit up some overhead pressing strength today in a waveload. You will complete two descending sets of 7-5-3 as the reps decrease you will increase the weight. The second set will be heavier than the first. The WOD will be in EMOM format, this is a repeat from March. It's one of those that looks manageable on paper, but actually doing it is a different story. This is this week's day to focus on transitions. At the top of each minute you should be moving...don't take extra rest. Chaka Fit will start off with a strength piece that has work based on time, thirty seconds each minute! The WOD is an interesting partner WOD where part of the workout you share the work and part of the workout you do it in sync!

Tuesday: Today's workout is five rounds for time, with a 35 minute time cap. The "manmaker" makes an appearance today, a challenging dumbbell movement with lots of moving parts! Work to keep moving today, even :10 of rest can add up over the course of a long WOD! Chaka Fit's WOD will encourage you to move quickly as the faster you finish your work the more rest you earn!!

Wednesday: Today is snatch day! Today's complex will help reinforce using your hips before your arms with a snatch pull from the hang. Remember the mantra: when the arms bend the power ends! The WOD today is a play on "Fran" but you won't get the Fran cough because the increasing weight (and changing of plates) will slow you down! In Chaka Fit, one of CrossFit's foundational movements will be the focus today--the med ball clean. After the workout a buyout of core work is on the agenda!

Thursday: Two WODs today separated with a rest, both look like sandwiches! The first one has rowing as the bread with air squats as the goodies in the middle and the second one has running as the bread with sit-ups making up the middle. A twist on the air squats today, once you start you cannot move your feet or you will suffer a penalty!

Friday: The strength component of class today is our backsquat strength. Use your lift from last week and take 90% of that heaviest set of 5 to figure out your weight for ALL sets today! A triplet of snatches, handstand push-ups and rowing today in the form of an AMRAP will be your WOD! The Chaka Fit class will utilize bands for strength today, with hamstring curls and lat pull downs! The WOD is task oriented, finish all four rounds as fast as you can!

Saturday: Chaka Fit has a triplet of WODs today, you will complete 3 mini workouts with 5 minutes of rest between, so push hard since your rest is built in! The CrossFit WOD is called Matthew 16. This one has 3 different barbell movements all at different weights! A great WOD to pair up with a friend and share barbells.

Sunday: Open Gym 10am-12pm.

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