• Lauren Frankford

Chaka Weekly Programming: 7/15/19 to 7/20/19

We are now at week 3 of our microcycle. The same themes will carry through this week with working on squat snatch technique, focusing on strength with the push press and deadlift (the backsquat will come in the WOD on Saturday). No matter how long you have been a Crossfitter, it's always important to focus on the foundation so you will see some more detail with coverage of the push press and deadlift. A low rep sprint will be the transition work, mentally prepare yourself to NOT STOP WORKING!

Monday: Today we will work on our comfort level in the bottom of the overhead squat by hanging out down there with a pause. Again the focus isn't strength, but improved technique and positioning so work on greasing the groove today! Low rep, moderate weight squat cleans today in the WOD, doing fast singles is a great way to save your grip and work to force yourself back on the barbell! Simple but effective strength work in Chaka Fit includes strict pull-ups and single leg Romanian deadlifts! The Chaka Fit WOD incentivizes you to run fast so that you can plank less, as your plank time will be equal to your run time!

Tuesday: Points of performance for the push press today will include fast hip extension, waiting to press until your hips are utilized, and a straight bar path. Mastering these points will equate to pressing more weight overhead! A descending and then ascending low rep triplet (with a break in the middle) for the WOD today will have many transitions for you to focus on getting from one movement to the next as fast as possible! Chaka Fit will have their own version of transitional work today where you are prescribed a :15 rest interval every minute, stay on track and rotate through the stations quickly!

Wednesday: Today is a chance to apply some of the snatch work we have done in a workout! A chipper style WOD will force you to strategize on how to spilt up reps and prevent too much rest! Chaka Fit has three EMOMs, each with 2 alternating movements. One will get your heart rate up and the other is structural work where you can recover your breathing.

Thursday: Get your fix of running this week with lots of variety...short runs, long runs, weighted runs...and some upper body work mixed in!

Friday: Today's focus is the deadlift, climb to a heavy set of 3 with great form! Class will finish out with an AMRAP of double unders, kettlebell swings, pull-ups and walking lunges! Chaka Fit's strength will work some smaller upper body pulling muscles, great pre-hab to keep your shoulders happy and healthy! The WOD will challenge you to hold onto your dumbbells as one dumbbell movement flows into the next!

Saturday: Chaka Fit will tackle a bottleneck partner WOD today, you have the choice to split reps however you want! Hero WOD "Zeus" is on tap today for the CrossFit class!

Sunday: 10am-12pm Open Gym

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