• Lauren Frankford

Chaka Weekly Programming: 7/22/19 to 7/27/10

Welcome to week 4 of our microcycle! We will continue to hit up the heavy backsquats, breakdown the snatch using light weight for a technique focus, and keep addressing the mental approach to WODs to limit transition time between movements or even sets within a movement.

Monday: Today we will reinforce that aerobic base with a long workout, which is a play on the Hero WOD "Glen". We have partitioned the workout to help you move through it more quickly and subbed out the running for rowing and biking! Chaka Fit will take on two back to back AMRAP 16's, find a pace and move!

Tuesday: Today we are back at the backsquat! You will work to climb heavier than your original 5RM with a descending to ascending rep scheme. The WOD is designed to be a sprint! Run hard and choose a weight where you can cycle multiple reps together, your shoulders will burn after this one! ChakaFit will see a new variation of lunges today, reverse deficit lunges, where you will start by standing on a 45# plate. The WOD features descending reps of rowing, snatches and push-ups!

Wednesday: Today is a purely gymnastics day! Use these back to back WODs to get some volume in, choose a progression that will be challenging for you if you haven't mastered the movements yet! Grab a partner for ChakaFit and share the work by alternating movements for 12 rounds!! Then work on some shoulder stability and upper back strength with two accessory movements in the buyout.

Thursday: Today's endurance WOD comes in a chipper format, you will have the opportunity to experience running, biking and rowing...remember you can always sub out the monostructural movements.

Friday: Today is snatch day! We will continue to go from the hang position, but this time from below the knee, be sure to keep the bar close! The WOD focus today is transitions, again today you have built in rest (:30), so focus on moving from one exercise to the next without a break until your 1:30 interval is up. The requirement for ChakaFit today is to work for a full minute at a time, then in the opposite minute complete structural work where you heart rate will have a chance to recover.

Saturday: ChakaFit will be contained to an AMRAP today, can you work to push yourself for all 24 minutes? Running (with and without weight), mountain climbers, kettlebell swings, goblet squats and burpees will be sure to be a recipe for a tough WOD! For today's CrossFit WOD you will pick a partner and work together to tackle Hero WOD "SSG Atkins".

Sunday: 10am-12pm Open Gym

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