• Lauren Frankford

Chaka Weekly Programming: 7/29/19 to 8/3/19

Here we are at week 5 of our microcycle! This week's foundational movement will be the push jerk, we will continue to progress with our snatch breakdown and strength focus of the backsquat. Monday's EMOM will be our transition work, but this time you will be forced to work for 2 minutes before you can take a break!

Monday: We will break down the push jerk today before climbing to some heavy reps to force you to use your HIPS! Then onto an EMOM where the first two minutes will end in max reps and then you will get a minute to rest, so 2 minutes on, 1 minute off. Resist taking a break until your scheduled rest! Chaka Fit will push you over five rounds for time of rowing, box jumps and thrusters!! Finish out class with some challenging core work!

Tuesday: We have finally reached the stage in the snatch progression where we will focus on the set-up and pulling the bar from the floor! The WOD will be a quick 2RFT, use the overhead slamball carry to control your breathing and then sprint it out to the finish! The strength combo today for Chaka Fit is bench presses and sled pushes! Then work through intervals where your pace determines your rest, experience a new movement, sit-up to press with a sandbag!

Wednesday: EIGHT rounds for time today for the workout!! This will be a longer effort, so think about how to potentially break up sets of HSPU and C2B Pull-ups from the get go. Thirty two minutes of work today for Chaka Fit...can you complete each round in the same amount of time?

Thursday: Today will feature intervals where the faster you work the more rest you get, one portion of class will only be running intervals (sub row or bike). Without other movements to fatigue you, work to push hard on these runs! The second portion will have the same format but will be a combo of mountain climbers, deadlifts and bike calories!

Friday: Use last week's new backsquat number to gauge the weight for your 5x5 this week, we will be using 90%! A descending rep style WOD today, where we will isolate your right and left arm using alternating dumbbell hang clean and presses! Chaka Fit will have opposing push and pull work for their strength, the pull will be a double dumbbell bent row that will work double duty to strengthen your back! The workout will be a leg burner...but they should be fresh and ready to tackle the work for 15 minutes!!

Saturday: Chaka Fit will work through 4 rounds, have a strategy of how you will transition from the dumbbell power cleans to the push press! The CrossFit WOD is bookended by monostructural movements (row and double unders) with the middle portion six rounds of muscle-ups and hang squat clean thrusters!!!

Sunday: Open Gym 10am-12pm

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