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Chaka Weekly Programming: 8/5/19 to 8/10/19

We are at week 6 of our microcycle, this week we will continue to work on our snatch skill, we will take a break from squatting but you will see a higher volume of getting below parallel in the WODs on Tuesday and Friday. As promised, you will see a heavier focus in WODs, have a strategy to tackle reps to minimize your transitions!

The next Chaka Extras cycle will kick off this week, sign up if you are interested in putting in work outside of class to reach your fitness goals! Based on your input, our coaching staff will program work for you to be completed during open gym time 2-3 days a week. Want to get stronger…learn how to do double unders…fine tune your kipping rhythm…increase your mobility…no matter what your goals are we can help you reach them! To get started sign up at this LINK, once you sign up the coaches will be in touch via email asking you to identify your goals. From there we will do baseline testing and write your program for you to get to work! Have questions? Ask one of our coaches or send us an email at chakacrossfit@gmail.com.

Monday: The CrossFit class will kick off the week with a combo of strength and gymnastics work. Work the combo of pulling and back strength with the barbell bent row and then challenge yourself with one of many progression options for the front lever! Descending reps of rowing calories and box jump overs with a steady set of 6 heavy deadlifts each round will create a spicy WOD. Chaka Fit will get after three nine minute AMRAPs with a partner, alternate hard work to earn your rest while your partner goes.

Tuesday: Unbroken barbell reps would be very challenging for today’s WOD, so the key is planning your rep scheme, limiting transition time and sticking to your plan---be mentally tough! A strong core is such a valuable asset in keeping your healthy and improving your performance, sometimes the simplest movements are the best. You will get a taste of a tough core combo of hollow body and superman holds today! Chaka Fit will use a single dumbbell to focus on unilateral work today in a twenty eight minute AMRAP. Dumbbells are very valuable in helping you gain balance with each side of your body. Finish up the AMRAP and then head right into an all out 800m run! Two scores for today’s WOD, rounds and reps and a time for your 800!

Wednesday: Snatch Day! You will hit two extremes today: light and fast then heavy and explosive. This is the final snatch breakdown before we put it all together next week! The WOD will isolate your legs with heavy step ups—a valuable accessory for our backsquat work. Have you ever tried knees to elbows? Some say they are harder than toes to bar, today is your chance to see for yourself! Chaka Fit will alternate pull and push today within the strength portion. A twist on the pulling today with tempo pull-ups, do them strict or us a band but keep the proper timing! For the WOD, just manage twenty seconds at a time is this Tabata style workout!

Thursday: Today you will work through a long WOD alongside a partner, a great way to motivated to keep moving!

Friday: Test your explosiveness (think hip extension) with a max distance broad jump. Focus on using all of the power in your hips to make you fly! The workout will be interval style in the sense that you will complete three separate workouts with a small break between. The sumo deadlift high pull is the last of the foundational movements that we will cover during this cycle. Chaka Fit will complete six rounds for time today, double dumbbell movements and a challenging core and upper body movement (think wheelbarrow on wheels) will be featured in the WOD. After the WOD you will have a chance to test out some challenging core movements.

Saturday: Chaka Fit will be an EMOM style workout where you will have 1:45 to complete a set of exercises and then everyone will rotate to the next station to begin at the 2:00 mark. CrossFit will tackle “Tommy Mac” today, be ready to burpee!

Sunday: Open Gym 10am-12pm

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