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Chaka Weekly Programming: 9/2/19 to 9/7/19

We are at week 3 of our microcycle that is leading into the second CrossFit Open of 2019! Remember that Monday is Labor Day and we will be operating on a modified schedule. We will hold two classes, 8am Chaka Fit and 9am Cross Fit. PLEASE "check in" to class by the end of the day today (Sunday), as a way to RSVP so that we know how many athletes to expect!

Monday: Chaka Fit will be the girl WOD, "Kelly". This is not your typical fast and furious girl workout, it will be a long grinder! Cross Fit will be a "Hero WOD" specific to Chaka. This workout was inspired by the late Ross "Pop Pop" Evans, who served as a Sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps on Midway Island and in the Central Pacific Theater during WWII. Each number is specific to his life, come at 9am to hear the details!

Tuesday: CrossFit will work through five intervals, the faster you work the more rest you get! The goal is to keep all of your intervals consistent. Class will finish out with some supplementary core work. Chaka Fit will work through three rounds of movements, with a three minute rest at the end of each. The buyout for Chaka Fit will hit a combo of upper back, shoulders, and hip flexors.

Wednesday: CrossFit will work through 12 minutes of skills, attempting max efforts in strict handstand push-ups, chest to bar pull-ups and double unders. Remember if you don't have these movements mastered this is a great time to work through progressions to help get you there! The WOD is a sprint chipper, push hard out of the gate and try to hang on--try to use as few sets as possible for the thrusters. Chaka Fit's strength will target the hamstrings with a new movement as well as overhead pressing strength.

Thursday: The endurance workout today will hit the same movements for three AMRAPs, the first will be 6 minutes, then 9 minutes and then 12 minutes. How far can you get each time?

Friday: Today is your anaerobic day...get after it at 3, 2, 1, go! You MUST do your wallballs unbroken!!! During your rest we will hit some volume with the deadlift. These sets must be touch and go for 10 reps. We have prescribed the standard CrossFit Open weight, feel free to scale down (but not up) as needed with the weight. Chaka Fit will push hard for ninety second intervals the entire class today. Try to keep your performance consistent across every round!

Saturday: Chaka Fit will work through three 10 minute windows that each end with a max effort...complete the work on the front end and then rack up as many reps as possible with the remaining time! CrossFit will get their squat on today with backsquats, front squats and overhead squats!!

Sunday: 10am-12pm Open Gym.

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