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Chaka Weekly Programming: 9/16/19 to 9/21/19

Welcome to week 5 in our microcycle. The 2019 Fall CrossFit Open is less than a month away! You can register HERE. Registering will allow you to compare your scores against all of the CrossFit athletes in the world! Chaka will have the CrossFit Open WOD of the week programmed on Fridays for the 5 weeks of the Open so you can complete the workouts in class with a judge!

Monday: The week will start off with a long WOD that includes overhead squats. This ramped up version of “Nancy” adds in burpee bar hops, a great chance to work on that rhythm. Chaka Fit will work on some strength components during an EMOM including bench press and then push through three AMRAPs that increase in time but complete the same movements. This is a good test of pacing! Tuesday: This is the anaerobic workout of the week. Hit the box jump overs, power snatches and handstand push-ups as fast as possible and then use your rest to do your choice of structural work before you repeat the high intensity movements. Chaka Fit will work through two high volume descending rep workouts today, with a brief rest between. Take this opportunity to practice reducing rest between the sets of your movements. For example when you do the 50 sit-ups to start the workout, plan to split them up but only take a 3 breath rest between sets. Wednesday: Today you will have a chance to practice your muscle-ups or dips during our gymnastics skill, and then tackle a triplet for 16 minutes of an AMRAP. Today will feature high volume deadlifts, commit to a rep scheme and stick to it! Chaka Fit will get the chance to work on handstand push-ups today! Not ready to get upside down? No problem, we can offer scales or subs to continue to help you build strength! Finish out class with a partner “Death by” scenario!

Thursday: The endurance day will have two WODs separated by a five minute rest. The first of the two will feature 3 rounds of work with a plate and then the second will be 3 rounds with a mix of rowing, slam balls, hang squat cleans and leg levers.

Friday: Back at it with the backsquats today! Reps are down to sets of 3 today, but heavier than last week! The WOD will include descending reps with a barbell, gymnastics and monostructural work, it will get easier as you go! Dumbbell snatches and step-ups will be the staple in the workout today. This interval style WOD will have you alternate work and rest, see if you can finish each interval in the same time.

Saturday: It’s a partner day for Chaka Fit. You will work through three sections of the workout, one where you work simultaneously, one where one partner works and one rests, and one where you can choose to split the work any way. CrossFit will get after a Linchpin Mash-up today! Three WODs in one class! This is a great variety of movements, don’t worry you will get a rest between the three segments of the workout!

Sunday: Open Gym 10am-12pm.

32 8th Street, Suite 11, New Cumberland, PA 17070  E-mail: chakacrossfit@gmail.com Tel: 717-710-2497 

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