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Chaka Weekly Programming: 9/23/19 to 9/28/19

Just like last year, The Penn State CrossFit Club will be taking over Chaka in October! However, this year, there’s going to be a little twist! Chaka will be hosting the first annual Chaka vs. PSU CrossFit Club Comp For The Kids!

The event will take place on Saturday, October 12th at 9am after the normally scheduled Chaka Fit class for that day. This is a partner competition. The price per team is $10, which will be used as a donation towards the PSU CrossFit Club’s THON fundraising efforts that benefits pediatric cancer research. For this partner competition, male + male, female + female, and female + male pairs are welcome! There will be 3 events, and due to the FUNdraising nature of the event, there will be no judges. Workouts will be completed on the honor system. Don’t worry about a scaled and RX division. That will all be taken care of during the event. All workouts can be scaled to fit any specific needs! The scoring for the event will be team based, Chaka vs. PSU. Find a partner and sign up for this awesome event below using the link to the google sheet! Spots are limited so sign up now! If you don’t have or can’t find a partner, just let us know and we are happy to help! Registration for the event closes on OCTOBER 5th!! We hope to see you there!! #FTK


If you have any questions reach out to Coach Matt at mdl5351@psu.edu.

We are at week 6 of our microcycle. This week will be the last before a fun/deload week leading up to the Fall 2019 CrossFit Open!

Monday: CrossFit will kick off the week with some Olympic lifting work by pairing the clean and jerk together in an EMOM. Take the opportunity to challenge yourself by climbing heavy, or keep it light and master the transition between the two! Class finishes up with five rounds of work, earn your rest by moving quickly! Chaka Fit will do a full body strength workout during their EMOM and then finish out with 7 rounds of a triplet. Challenge yourself to go unbroken on all of the movements!

Tuesday: Descending reps of dumbbell snatches, wallballs and double unders is on tap today for the CrossFit Class. Make a plan to split your reps during this high volume workout. Class will finish out with some spicy core work. After working on some pulling strength, Chaka Fit will team up to motivate each other to push hard throughout the workout. When there are sled pushes involved you need all the support you can get!

Wednesday: Last week we tackled some overhead squats during a workout, this week we will challenge ourselves to find a heavy double with FULL DEPTH! The workout for today will be in AMRAP format and alternate pulling and pushing movements, how far can you get in 13 minutes?? Chaka Fit will work through some toes to bar practice as well as overhead stability while inverted to kick off class. The WOD will consist of 4 rounds of rowing, dumbbell hang clean and press, goblet squats and sit-ups.

Thursday: Today's endurance WOD will have you counting reps as you transition through 1 minute stations. Try to keep pace throughout the entire workout today by comparing your reps for each round.

Friday: Today is our anaerobic day, the window has grown and you will now work all out for 4 minutes. The rep volume is low so you can quickly transition from one movement to the next. The rest portion will include some active movement as well as 2 sets of the Z Press. Chaka Fit will push through for 32 minutes today, and have a chance to use the battle ropes. Find a pace and just keep plugging along, get in a good sweat to kick off your weekend.

Saturday: Chaka Fit will take on a crowd favorite, "Luke". This long Hero WOD pairs 400m runs with multiple movements, remember you can always sub the run for a row if you'd like! The Hateful Eight is on tap for the CrossFit Class today. 8 Rounds of 8 reps of 8 movements! Can you go unbroken on all of your movements?!

Sunday: 10am-12pm Open Gym.

32 8th Street, Suite 11, New Cumberland, PA 17070  E-mail: chakacrossfit@gmail.com Tel: 717-710-2497 

*easiest access via 11th Street

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