• Lauren Frankford

Chaka Weekly Programming: 10/21/19 to 10/26/19

The Chaka Boot Camp is returning! Starting on Sunday, November 10th at 10am we will add the Chaka Boot Camp class to our schedule. ANY punch card can be used to attend class. Don't have a punch card? Don't worry, there is no experience necessary and you can purchase a Boot Camp specific punch card, or you can drop in for a single class for only $10! This 45-60 minute class will include a warm-up, movement instruction and a high intensity, full body workout. Ages 12+ are welcome to attend class.


CURRENT MEMBERS: On Sundays, open gym will still operate as normal from 10am-12pm on the "south" side of the gym.

Monday: CrossFit will start the week off by cruising through six minutes of barbell work, how many rounds and reps can you get through of the power clean, thruster and shoulder to overhead combo? Class will then end with five rounds for time of rowing, step-ups and atomic sit-ups! Chaka Fit's strength will isolate each leg with a deficit lunge, and then class will finish out with a partner workout where both athletes will work simultaneously, one on a dumbbell movement and the other on bike cals, how many calories can you and your teammate collect in 18 minutes?

Tuesday: CrossFit will hit a descending to ascending rep ladder with handstand push-ups, overhead squats and double unders! Class will finish out with an EMOM of crucial accessory work, it will be a cool down but it won't be easy! Chaka Fit will endure two WODs today, each 4 RFT with a 5 minute rest between.

Wednesday: The CrossFit class is a great chance to get some dumbbell work in. These intervals will reward you with rest so you can focus on perfecting the movements. Chaka Fit will use the infamous rep scheme 21-15-9 for rowing, wallballs and burpees! Race through the triplet to earn your rest!

Thursday: Today's endurance day will include 5 x 4 minute intervals of work followed by 2 minutes of rest. Each interval will end in a max rep effort, keep pushing until the last second--every rep counts!

Friday: Week 3 of our surprise workouts from Dave Castro, 20.3!

Saturday: Chaka Fit will grind through three mini workouts today separated by 5 minutes of rest. You will experience a great variety of movements, a fun one to kick off the weekend with! CrossFit will take on the Hero WOD, Eric Olsen. Eric Olsen was working for the FDNY on 9/11. This WOD includes 7 rounds for time of barbell work and back to back jumping movements with box jumps and double unders!

Sunday: Open Gym, 10am-12pm.

32 8th Street, Suite 11, New Cumberland, PA 17070  E-mail: chakacrossfit@gmail.com Tel: 717-710-2497 

*easiest access via 11th Street

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