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Chaka Weekly Programming: 10/28/19 to 11/2/19

This Saturday, November 2nd will mark the final workout at Chaka for "BT". Come help us give BT a great sendoff as he embarks on a journey across the Atlantic Ocean to Germany for 7 weeks of training for a new job and then relocates to South Carolina! BT has been a staple at Chaka since our warehouse was a blank slate, he was instrumental in helping to make the vision of Chaka become a reality. We will miss him greatly, but expect that he will be back to visit! The regular 9am CrossFit Class will be a team WOD, as requested by the man of honor. We hope to see you all there!

Monday: The week will kick off with a long AMRAP, it includes low rep, light barbell work, which means you should try to make those sets unbroken! Class will finish out with some accessory work that will continue to utilize the barbell. Chaka Fit will work for time in descending rep fashion, they will utilize the slam ball alternated with gymnastics movements. Remember, it gets easier as you go!

Tuesday: Today will be the heavy day for CrossFit this week with a chance to pull some weight from the floor with the deadlift. This does NOT have to be a max effort today, just work to a heavy single. Not feeling it? Keep weight light and practice great technique. Today's metcon will be a partner style workout where you alternate movements with your partner until you complete 8 rounds. Chaka Fit will have two workouts separated by some accessory work. The first one is an AMRAP 10 where you ascend in reps as you go, and the second one is a 10 minute window where you are racing to get to the opportunity to perform as many wallball sit-ups as possible until your time runs out.

Wednesday: Hump day will include some skill practice of overhead lunges and rope climbs. This 10 minute window will give you a chance to practice both challenging movements with the help of your coach! The WOD will include a rest after each round, so push through your wallballs, bike and burpees and then catch your breath before you repeat it! Chaka Fit will take on some interval work where the prescribed movements need to be completed within 3 minutes, the faster you work the more time your earn for rest!

Thursday: Grab a seat on a rower and get ready to row your boat! You will be on the erg for a total of 3000 meters today. Each 500m interval will be followed by a different movement, work down the list and check the clock when you finish!

Friday: TBD, 20.4

Saturday: Chaka Fit will hit two mini partner workouts today, both you will be working simultaneously. The first one will be interval style for 3 minutes on, 1 minute off and the second one will be a grinder of an AMRAP for 15 minutes! CrossFit will be a douzy of a team WOD for the BT send off...plan for more than 1 hour!

Sunday: Open Gym, 10am-12pm.

32 8th Street, Suite 11, New Cumberland, PA 17070  E-mail: chakacrossfit@gmail.com Tel: 717-710-2497 

*easiest access via 11th Street

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