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Chaka Weekly Programming: 11/17/19 to 11/23/2019

Chaka is still in need of uncarved pumpkins! Please drop them off at the gym by Wednesday, November 27th.

This marks the second week of our Post Open Cycle, featuring our strength endurance and aerobic capacity focus. Now that we’ve got our baseline tests under our belt, it’s time to train through some endurance style workouts featuring larger sets of movements and longer time domains! It’s going to be a great week!

Monday: At CrossFit, we’ll kick off our week with an olympic lifting strength, followed by a “cluster” of movements in a two-part AMRAP. Chaka Fit will feature a pressing strength piece, and then a long EMOM that will test your ability to stay on the minute!

Tuesday: Today’s focus at CrossFit will be on interval training, as we test your ability to stay consistent over time with little rest. Chaka Fit will tackle a partner WOD where you and a slamball might get a little closer than you would have hoped for.

Wednesday: CrossFit will be working to build their muscular endurance through some heavy front squats for a strength piece. They’ll then see who can “climb” their way through some barbell work, but not before they pay with a run first. Chaka Fit will be climbing too, but in a much different way than CrossFit.

Thursday: Endurance Thursdays continue with a two-part aerobic challenge. The workouts are appropriately named Pump & Bike and Row & Run as they will test your ability to work through high volume movements under fatigue.

Friday: We cap off the work week at CrossFit with some gymnastics skills, and then bring it home with everyone’s favorite… deadlifts! Chaka Fit will work through 3 different EMOMs that will again work on both strength and endurance.

Saturday: Weekends for this new cycle will feature twists of classic CrossFit Girl WOD’s and Benchmark tests. For this week, CrossFit will tackle “Annie’s Cousin Grace”, while ChakaFit will get after “Helen’s Bells”. Come out and see what these changes bring!

Sunday: 10am Boot Camp (must have any punch card), 10am-12pm Open Gym.


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