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Chaka Weekly Programming: 12/2/19-12/7/19

This marks the 4th week of our Post Open Cycle, featuring our strength endurance and aerobic capacity focus. This week we’ll be ramping up the intensity and testing your muscular endurance in a variety of ways. Be sure to come in and see what this week’s training has in store!

Monday: At CrossFit, we’ll kick off our week with some heavy lifting in an olympic complex for the strength and 7 rounds for time in the WOD. Chaka Fit’s strength features some single leg and pulling work, followed by a descending reps triplet.

Tuesday: Both ChakaFit and CrossFit will feature some skill work where the focus is to improve shoulder stability. CrossFit then takes on an aerobically challenging AMRAP. Chaka Fit will be working through 5 rounds for time where your grip will be tested, but luckily you’ll have some built in rest.

Wednesday: Happy Hump Day! Mike mike mike mike mike…. Guess what the strength is!? CrossFit will face an infamous “Death by…” challenge Wednesday’s strength, followed by a workout where you’ll build reps up and hopefully get back down. Chaka Fit will also be building, but in time, not in reps.

Thursday: This Endurance Thursday will feature a “choose your own destiny” workout! This style of workout has been growing in popularity within the CrossFit community, so it’s time we test it out! Be sure to plan your course wisely!

Friday: CrossFit caps off the week with some interval work and an accessory buy-out. Chaka Fit will bring it home with a pressing and accessory strength, followed by a long chipper. It’s sure to be a good one!

Saturday: Weekends for this new cycle will feature twists of classic CrossFit Girl WOD’s and Benchmark tests. For this week, CrossFit will tackle “Girl’s Gone Wild: Nancy, Mary and Amanda”, while ChakaFit will get after “Cindy Kares About CrossFit”. Come out and see what these changes bring!

Sunday: 10am Boot Camp (must have any punch card), 10am-12pm Open Gym.


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