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Chaka Weekly Programming: 1/13/20 - 1/18/20

Jaime showing those ropes who is boss!

We have had a great turnout to our Saturday 9am Barbell Wise class! Keep up the great work gang... The gainz train is coming...choo! choo!


The new Extras cycle starts 2/1/20 if you have any questions please send us an email or ask a Coach! We have seen a ton of progress in our athletes who want to get some extra training in to meet their fitness goals!

Our Sunday Boot Camp/HIIT class will be moving to a start time of 10:15am. This class is now available to our Unlimited and Attendance Pack (Punchcard) members.

Week of January 1/13

It’s hard to believe we are already on week 10 of our post open cycle! Only 2 weeks until we retest! With that in mind, this week we’ll be ramping up the intensity before we deload next week. You won’t want to miss what Chaka has in store! This week also marks the third week of our new weekend schedule featuring the highly anticipated Barbell class! This class will be and has been extremely beneficial for all ability levels, from novice lifters to seasoned vets. Be sure to come check it out regardless of where you stand with a barbell!

Monday: On Monday’s we squat! We’ll be building to a heavy double front squat in CrossFit, followed by a barbell heavy workout with a twist on 21-15-9. Chaka Fit also builds to heavy doubles in a press and step up, and then work through an AMRAP that will test your grip and stamina.

Tuesday: This week we’ll be introducing GOAT (Greatest of all Time) Tuesdays. Both classes will feature a 12 min time block for you to pick and skill or lift in CrossFit that you’d like to get better at and get valuable feedback from our coaches! This Tuesday will also feature our Anaerobic Challenge that we’ll be using for our next cycle, so make sure you’re there to get your time!

Wednesday: Hump Day features an Olympic lifting EMOM in CrossFit to hone in our having “clean” technique in our lifts. We’ll then move into a workout with both high level gymnastics and heavy weights! What more could you ask for? Chaka Fit is all about EMOMs as well as both the skill and workout will have some built in rest that I’m sure we’ll all be thankful for!

Thursday: This Endurance Thursday features partner workout, so get a buddy and come out and tackle this challenging WOD! You’ll have to work together and literally carry each other’s weight at points to make it through! Teamwork makes the dream work!

Friday: We “max out” our week at CrossFit with some short interval work followed by some post-hab movements to make sure our bodies are moving healthily and happily! Chaka Fit burns through a variety of Tabatas. Short rest for the weary this Friday!

Saturday: CrossFitters will be running, climbing and snatching their way through a chipper to cap off the week. How long can you hang onto the barbell and rope? Chaka Fitters will row and jump their way through a descending rep scheme with just enough time to fit in a burner of a buy-out. Don’t forget about Barbell at 9am either! This week we’ll be hammering technique on the clean and jerk. You won’t want to miss it!

Sunday: 10:15 am Boot Camp HIIT Class. 10am- 12pm Open Gym.


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