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Chaka Weekly Programming: 1/6/20 - 1/11/20 !

Save the Date!

Ladies Night Out 2/1/20 "Wine and WOD"

Guys Night Out 2/22/20 "Beer and Barbells"

Watch for details coming soon regarding our February events. Sign up sheets will be at the front kiosk.

Week of January 1/6

Our first week of 2020 is in the books, and we started things off with a bang! This week marks week 9 of our post-open cycle, and as we move closer and closer to our retest date, we’ll continue to ramp up the intensity. This week also marks the second week of our new weekend schedule featuring the highly anticipated Barbell class! This class will be extremely beneficial for all ability levels, from novice lifters to seasoned vets, so be sure to come check it out regardless of where you stand with a barbell!

Monday: We get back under some weight CrossFit class as we start things off with some tempo squats and then move through some AMRAPs where we’ll be climbing in reps. Chaka Fit will work together in a team workout where both your endurance and grip will be tested! Hang on for your team!

Tuesday: No better way to start a Tuesday off than with some skill work! Everyone knows that healthy shoulders are happy shoulders, so both classes will work through a “prehab” skill in order to prep for some high intensity gymnastics to follow!

Wednesday:Get a buddy and come out and tackle a fun partner WOD in CrossFit as you push each other while one works and one rests on hump day! Chaka Fit will work their way through a variety of stations that includes everyone’s favorite, THE BATTLE ROPES! Both workouts feature a twist with the number 2020, so come check out this sneaky surprise!

Thursday: This Endurance Thursday features a long EMOM. Everyone loves a little built in rest, but you’re going to want to use it wisely because you might not have much by the end of this bad boy! Come on out and see if you can keep up the pace!

Friday: After a pushing and pulling focused strength, CrossFit goes all out to test their gymnastic abilities under fatigue. Chaka Fit will row through 5 rounds of hard work, before finishing class with a core buy out.

Saturday: It’s important to us at Chaka that we bring in the New Year together, so CrossFit will feature a partner WOD that will be sure to bring you and your buddy closer by the end of it! Chaka Fit will find out that there’s lots of different ways that you can use a dumbbell for their workout. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, something else pops up. Don’t forget about Barbell at 9am either! Come out and see what these changes bring as we continue to take on the New Year!


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