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Chaka Weekly Programming: 12/23/19-12/28/19

Please take note of the Holiday Schedule

****All classes for the Holiday Schedule are for CrossFit and Fit class memberships *****.

Week of December 23rd

Happy Swole-idays from all of us here at Chaka CrossFit! Week 7 of our post-open cycle will bring glad tidings of barbells and kettlebells for us to not only lift to get stronger, but also to lift our spirits this holiday season. How sweet, right? But on a serious note, this week Santa isn’t the only one that’ll be packing on the pounds! We’ll be moving some heavy weight, so get pumped because it’s GO TIME!

Monday: We start our week of at CrossFit with some accessory strength and stability work, followed by a “grizzley” workout that’ll “push” you to your limits. Chaka Fit starts the week off on the right foot with a fun, two part partner WOD. Use your rest wisely and push your partner to work off all of those holiday treats!

Tuesday: Christmas Eve features just one class at 9am where we’ll all be taking on the 12 Days of Christmas. 

Wednesday: Closed for Christmas! Happy Holidays!

Thursday: This Endurance Thursday features nothing short of a Christmas miracle because you get to pick whether you’d like to run/bike/ or row through 7 rounds of fun. We’ll then finish out strong with a core burner. Beach season is just around the corner now that Christmas is over. 

Friday: We’re back to our interval work on Friday as CrossFit takes on some mini AMRAPs where the weights go up as the time goes on. Chaka Fit will have four minute windows to complete chunks of movements, so the faster you get done the more rest you’ll have!

Saturday: We’re taking a break from our normally scheduled programming on Saurday morning this holiday season to bring both CrossFit and Chaka Fit a gift that keeps giving the whole year round. Everyone loves a chipper, and it’s even better when you have someone to share it with! Come out and get in on the fun!

Sunday: Open gym 10-12 with Boot Camp at 10!


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