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Chaka Weekly Programming: 2/17/20 - 2/23/20

Week of 2/17 - 2/23

ANNOUNCEMENT: Gentlemen! Don’t forget that Guy’s Night is this upcoming Saturday!

We’re off to a great start with our anaerobic cycle! Week 2 is already here, so it’s time to keep pushing the pace and bumping up the intensity! This week, we’ll be working in a good bit of interval style training with some built in rest and tossing in some partner workouts to keep it fun. It’s going to be a great week!

Monday: CrossFit kicks off the week with 3 time blocks to complete 3 rounds of rowing and a barbell movement. Can you make it in time? Get here and find out! Chaka Fit starts off with some accessory strength work, and finishes out with two short AMRAPs.

Tuesday: GOAT Tuesdays continue this week, with the 12 minute challenge focusing on our core. CrossFit works through an AMRAP full of all kinds of movements. How far can you get into two, maybe three rounds? Chaka Fit works on their pacing with a challenging EMOM. Keep that heart rate under control and stay the course!

Wednesday: An olympic lift is on tab for CrossFit on this Wednesday as you build over 6 rounds to a heavy complex for a strength, and then move into 3 max effort AMRAPs. Chaka Fit has 40, that’s right, 40 rounds for time to power through. Luckily, you won’t be alone, so get a buddy and take it on together!

Thursday: What’s better than Endurance Thursday? Endurance Thursday without running! We’ll be inside this week as you and a buddy bike and carry your way to the finish. Don’t forget about the core buy-out!

Friday: The work week is coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean we’re done working at Chaka! We bring home the week with two interval style workouts. Push the pace and use your rest! Let’s bring it!

Saturday: CrossFit “cleans” up a mess of 5 filthy rounds for time. The reps are low, but the weights are heavy so it’s time to grip it and rip it! Chaka Fit will get their fair share of conditioning in on this Saturday as they run, jump and row their way through two seperate workouts. Don’t forget about Barbell at 9am either! This week we’ll be hammering technique on the snatch. See ya then!

Sunday: 10:15 am Boot Camp HIIT Class. 10am- 12pm Open Gym.


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