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Chaka Weekly Programming: 2/24-3/1

Week of 2/24 - 3/1

ANNOUNCEMENT: Chaka gear is here! Grab your new hats, shirts, tanks and sweatshirts before they’re gone!

We’re off to a great start with our anaerobic cycle! Week 3 is already here, so it’s time to keep  bumping up the intensity! This week will continue to feature interval style training, but with a fair share of team and partner workouts! Working out is always more fun when you have someone to push the pace with! Let’s get it!

Monday: CrossFit starts the week up with an upper body push strength, followed by a team WOD. Chaka Fit works through an interval rowing workout with a buddy as well! Teamwork makes the dream work!

Tuesday: It’s GOAT folks! We’ll be clean and jerking for our 12 minute challenge, and both Chaka Fit and CrossFit will tackle a gymnastics-heavy WOD. Work on those weaknesses until they’re strengths!

Wednesday: AMRAPs, EMOMs and Max effort movements! A little bit of everything is coming our way this Wednesday! Get ready to go hard and fast!

Thursday: We have a partner WOD on tap for this endurance thursday. As the rounds go on, the reps get less. Push the pace early to get through the early work because it’s downhill from there!

Friday: Everyone loves burpees, so why not bring home the work week with them, right? Another team WOD is on deck for CrossFit, but you’ll be rolling solo for Chaka. Bring in the week strong!

Saturday: We’re back to our clean and jerk for barbell this week, so be sure to come work on your technique. A bear complex is looming in CrossFit, while our last partner workout is all ready and set for Chaka!

Sunday: 10:15 am Boot Camp HIIT Class. 10am- 12pm Open Gym.


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