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Chaka Weekly Programming 3/16-3/22


With recent developments in our country and across the globe, it's safe to say that interesting times lay ahead.  We are aware that many members will want to practice social distancing and stay home from the gym for a few days, maybe even weeks, and we have encourage and support anyone that does.  To help encourage everyone to stay fit and active while at home, we are adding 2 new things to our programming. The first will be suggested home modifications to our class programming.  These modifications will be for people who may have some equipment (such as KBs, DBs, pull-up bar, etc) at home. The second will be a separate Home WOD program that requires no equipment outside of maybe a wall or chair.  Home WODs will be designed to match class programming as much as possible, but with a limitation on using no equipment, Home WODs could look very different than class WODs. If anyone has any questions about these new programming additions, we encourage you to email or message us or use the members Facebook page.

There’s only 3 weeks left in our anaerobic cycle! As we inch closer to our retest, you’ll be seeing more fast and intense interval style workouts sprinkled into our normal programming. Of course we’ll still be getting our fair share of olympic lifts and functional fitness, just at a faster pace! All aboard the GAINZ TRAIN! CHOO CHOOO!

Monday: Nothing like a chipper to start off the week in CrossFit! The reps get less and the weights do too, but the movements get tougher! Choose your plan of attack wisely! Chaka will tackle 5RFT sandwiched between two long rows. This week is already off to a hot start!

Tuesday: GOAT Tuesday features the first ever Chaka Combine! Get here to test your fitness against the rest of the Chaka Clan in 4 different challenges! The leaderboards will be tracked throughout the day! Then it’s time to push the pace in some short intervals as CrossFit works through AMRAPs with a buddy and Chaka goes solo through EMOMs.

Wednesday: It’s time to Olympic Lift on Wednesday. We’ll be through some percentage lifts with the clean and jerk for the strength and then cycling the barbell in the workout to follow. After a strict press strength, Chaka will work through an AMRAP of ascending reps, but be careful because what goes up must come down.

Thursday: Ahhh everyone’s favorite day of the week. Endurance Thursday! After all those intervals, it’s time to take on a long, grinder of a workout! The Chaka Heptathalon is on deck for this week. 7 different movements. All for time and all for fun.

Friday: After a long week, it’s important that we take care of our bodies so both classes will start off with some prehab work before moving into the WODs. CrossFit will be moving a light barbell through an AMRAP, while Chaka moves through different stations with short rest between.

Saturday: Both Chaka Fit and CrossFit will take on two part workouts that will test your ability to hold a steady pace. Don’t be fooled and burnout too quickly! Set a steady pace and keep moving. Barbell class will feature the snatch so be sure to get here and perfect that form!

Sunday: 10:15 am Boot Camp HIIT Class. 10am- 12pm Open Gym.


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