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Chaka Weekly Programming 3/30-4/5


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Week 3 of Home WODs is rolling in!  Once again we are slightly evolving our Home programming to help keep our athletes fit and make the best of a weird situation.  We’ve added some Strength/Skill sessions into a couple of our daily WODS!

Monday: Bulgarian split squats and side planks make up our Strength and a “fun” WOD of running, burpees, squats and some spring cleaning to keep things spicy!

Tuesday: We’ve got a simple little 18 AMRAP designed to keep you moving fast through movements and rounds.  Keep the intensity high and keep moving quickly!

Wednesday: Today we see a 3-part WOD.  The clock will keep running and the faster we finish 3 rounds, the more rest we get before starting the next section. 

Thursday: EMOMs and Tabatas on deck for today!  Our skill is working on those all important gymnastics positions and the WOD is a mixed-bag of movements, you never know what you’re gonna get!

Friday: One movement goes down and one goes up. You decide how you want to tackle your push ups!

Saturday: No equipment necessary for this one. As soon as one WOD stops, the next one begins, but without the luxury of built in rest. Good luck!


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