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Chaka Weekly Programming 4/13-4/18

Few! I thought we’d never get through all those tempo lifts in Week 4 of our Home WODs, but we came out stronger and ready to rock for Week 5! We get back to our CrossFit roots this week with triplets and couplets mixed in with some longer endurance WODs. Hopefully we can get outside and enjoy this spring time weather!

Monday: We kick the week off with a 24 minute banger! Big sets of 4 different movements. Can you make it to and through the second round? Only one way to find out! 

Tuesday: Our first of two “no equipment needed” WOD for the week, but you will need some time to get through this long endurance WOD. What goes up must come down, and this workout is no exception!

Wednesday: Hump Day features an accessory strength with Z-Presses and Cossack Squats. We then get into two AMRAP 9s with ascending reps. If you don’t have any weights, get creative with your odd objects!

Thursday: This Endurance Thursday features a workout called “The Big Ten”. A 20 Minute EMOM where your rest gets less and less with every minute. Keep a steady pace early to ensure that you can hang on til the end!

Friday: Building stability is the name of the game for Friday’s strength. Take your time with these lifts and don’t worry about weight. We want QUALITY movement. Then it’s time to push the pace in 3 x AMRAP 4s!

Saturday: We cap off the week with “The Champion”. 2 rounds of some moderately heavy lifting tied in with some burpees and running. You’ll be feeling like a champ once you finish this bad boy!


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