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Chaka Weekly Programming 4/27-5/2

It’s hard to believe that May is already here! We’re keeping the fitness train rolling with another week of solid workouts, so get ready cause April Painz bring May Gainz!! 

Monday: Quality movement! That’s what we want to see to shake off some squatting cobwebs in Monday’s strength. We then hit the streets for some running and max effort movements. Use that rest wisely!

Tuesday: No equipment needed to get a major pump on Tuesday! And we’re following it up with alternating minutes or work to rest! All the reps and the fun!

Wednesday: It’s time to build some strength on Wednesday with some tempo deadlifts, and then we hit a benchmark workout that we’ll test again once we’re back in the gym. SQT! Get after it!

Thursday: Endurance Thursday is all about the legs and core! Enjoy the long workout and take it one rep at a time!

Friday: If you didn’t get enough core on Thursday, you’ll be sure to get it today with Friday’s strength. We then move into a two part workout where the goal is to have a negative split on part two! Good luck! 

Saturday: This Saturday is simple but effective. Push, pull and run. How far can you get in 20 minutes?


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