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Chaka Weekly Programming 4/6-4/11


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Week 4 of Home WODs is here folks, and we’re still making the best of this situation! With Home WODs comes a lot of body-weight movements and high reps. However, it’s super important that we don’t overload our bodies with a ton of reps so that we don’t overuse them! With that in mind, this week we’ll be adding in some tempo lifts and movements to build some strength and stability! It’s going to be a great week, so let’s get after it.

Monday: We start the week off with some tempo work. We’re not worried about weight, just quality movement! Then we get our fair share of running and barbell work in with a twist on 21-15-9s.

Tuesday: No equipment needed for this bad boy. We keep the tempo theme rolling, but this time with some push ups. 5 seconds never seemed so long! Then we hit a long E2MOM with some max effort movements. 

Wednesday: Keeping it simple on hump day. A triplet of double unders, v-ups and snatches. Can you stay consistent over 5 rounds?

Thursday: Just because we’re not at the gym doesn’t mean we can’t have Endurance Thursdays! AMRAP 32 is on tabs for this Thursday, and it’s sure to be a leg burner!

Friday: We want to pump *clap* YOU UP! Friday’s workout comes straight from Hanz and Franz. AMRAP into EMOM into AMRAP! 3 parts?? This is madness, but it’ll be a great workout!

Saturday: We start the weekend off with a core strength, before we move into another 3 part workout because we loved Friday so much! 1 mile run, a death by challenge and a 1 mile run. Sounds like fun to me! Have a great week!


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