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Chaka Weekly Programming 5/11-5/16

Get ready for another week of great training! We’ve got the full spectrum of workouts this week. Short to long and AMRAPs to EMOMs. Get outside and hit these workouts hard!

Monday: We start the week off with an accessory lift for our core and back, and then move into 7 rounds for time. Don’t take that first round too hot and shoot for even splits!

Tuesday: No equipment needed for Tuesday’s workout. Just when you think you’re done with this bad boy, one more layer gets added! Good luck and get after it!

Wednesday: Working in some pressing strength on Hump Day with some floor presses. Then it’s descending reps for the workout, but don’t forget about those mountain climbers every 2 minutes!

Thursday: Running and big sets is the name of the game for this Endurance Thursday. Break it up into manageable sets and keep moving on the runs.

Friday: After 4 rounds of gymnastic strength, this 20 minute EMOM is a great challenge to bring home the work week! Can you stay the course? Give it a shot!

Saturday: This weekend's WOD is a twist on the hero WOD “DT”. Nothing makes a workout better like adding some running to it!


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