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Chaka Weekly Programming 5/18-5/23

The weather has broken! With outdoor parking lot WODs on the horizon at Chaka, it’s time to get outside and get our endurance up! This week is all about pacing! Lots of different time domains and time caps to keep you on target to build your engine. Let’s go!

Monday: This week starts off with some accessory work to keep our legs strong, and then right into the benchmark workout “Nancy”. No barbell? No problem! Front squats with weights or house objects are great!

Tuesday: No equipment needed on Tuesday, but that doesn’t make it easy! The reps go down, but the movements go up! Good luck getting through this bad boy!

Wednesday: Wednesday is all about the PUMP! Two EMOMs that will be sure to get your blood pumping and juices flowing! Max it out!

Thursday: We’ve hit it hard so far, so take some time to work on your squat mobility on Thursday. We then move into a 4 part, that’s right, 4 part WOD! Break it up and focus on giving your best in each segment.

Friday: Keep your body moving right with some pre-hab to close out the work week, and then bring it home with a true “constantly varied” WOD. No round will be the same, but aim for even splits!

Saturday: 3 minutes to get in 3 movements. Seems simple enough! But, can you do it 10 times? The harder you push the more rest you’ll have! Finish the week strong!


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