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Chaka Weekly Programming 5/25-5/30

Hey gang, if you missed the announcement, we are now hosting outdoor WODs! Check out the FaceBook page and/or your email for all news and details related to those classes. We’ll continue to roll on with our at home programming, and keep you updated as we continue to evolve our class offerings.

Moday: Happy Memorial Day! Each memorial day, CrossFitters all around the world honor Michael Murphy, a Navy Seal who was killed in the act of duty, by performing the workout MURPH. Have fun with this tough workout, remember why we are doing it and enjoy the sunshine! You’re never out of the fight!

Tuesday: After that tough hero WOD on Monday, we start Tuesday off with an activation EMOM. Focus on good, quality movement here. We then bump up the intensity with a 2 minute on 2 minute off workout for six rounds. Try to stay consistent with your scores!

Wednesday: An accessory strength is on tab for Hump Day. Healthy shoulders are happy shoulders so take your time on this! We then have 3 different 3 minute workouts that you’ll hit hard not once but twice!

Thursday: After two days of fast and intense WODs, it’s time to slow it down and add some time. A long chipper style WOD is up for this Endurance Thursday. Plenty of running and plenty of reps with a few carries mixed in!

Friday: No equipment needed for this WOD! 4 different 4 minute EMOMs where the goal is building stability and strength.

Saturday: All the AMRAPs! We’re trying to fit a lot of work into a short amount of time.  Let’s see how far we can get!


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