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Chaka Weekly Programming 5/4-5/9

It looks like the rain has finally broken! That means we can take this gainz train outside this week as we continue our at home workouts. Lots of different types of workouts this week so get outside and have some fun with it!

Monday: Today’s workout is about two things. Lifting and pacing! 30 Rounds of fun with 3 different directions on pacing. Pick a weight that you think you can go unbroken with!

Tuesday: No equipment needed for this Tuesday, but this workout is a doozie! Descending reps for time. Get through those early big sets so you can cruise through the smaller ones. 

Wednesday: Some accessory work is on deck for Wednesday. Don’t rush it and don’t worry about weight. Focus on quality movement. 

Thursday: Choose your own adventure is the name of the game this Endurance Thursday! Devise a plan, stay the course and see it through til the end! Will anyone do it as written?

Friday: This strength piece is all about stability so make sure to take your time and focus on the movements. We’re capping off the work week with descending reps of G2OH and Air Squats.

Saturday: This is a great time to work on the “non-sexy” skills we need to perfect our Oly lifts, so get a broom stick and work on your overhead positioning for a few minutes. Then see if you can have a negative split for the WOD! Good luck!


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