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Chaka Weekly Programming 6/1-6/6

Hey everyone, we are going to continue with our outdoor WODs this week as well as providing you with home programming.  Make sure to keep your eyes peeled on Facebook and you inbox for changes to the schedule or our class offerings.

Home Programming Notes

Monday: We’re starting the week off showing some love to our shoulders with an Accessory session and then hitting a triplet that involves one of our most favorite movements (deadlifts) and maybe one of our least favorites (thrusters). But that 12 minutes is sure to leave you out of breath and sweaty!

Tuesday: We’re getting beach-body ready with some fun core work and then a chipper-of-sorts with overhead carries!

Wednesday: We’ve got a long workout that we’ve got two attempts at seeing how far we can get through in AMRAP style, then how fast we can get done for time.  Have fun!

Thursday: Our WOD today is a mix of legs, core and shoulders and is sure to keep you moving with an increasing work time every round.  Try to keep your pace and your movement consistent as the time goes up!

Friday: Leg Day! We’ve got some pause front squats in our Strength to build up those legs and a spicy barbell and jump rope WOD to keep you on your toes.  That’s right, its two sets of DU’s every round!

Saturday: Our last WOD of the week is a combo of 75 snatches and 150 sit-ups.  Yes, hero WOD “Randy” is being combined with Girls WOD “Annie” to give us “Ranndie”!


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