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Chaka Weekly Programming 6/22 - 6/27

Boy does it feel good to be back in the gym. As if we didn’t have enough fun last week, this week only gets better. Over the next 8 weeks, we will be putting an emphasis on building our squatting and strict pulling strength. Many of us were not able to squat under weight while we were away, so it’s important that we get back to building some strength there. Strong strict pulling strength is necessary in order to get better at any kind of kipping movement and can help our shoulders stay healthy. This week will be the first taste of working towards those two goals.

Monday: We start working towards a stronger squat right away with some back squats where we are looking to build in weight. Then the classic 21-15-9 complex comes into play in both forwards and reverse for the WOD.

Tuesday: This workout is sure to be a test of strength, will power and... mental math. Body weight movements paired with running and heavy lifts is a recipe for building fitness like no other!

Wednesday: We get after our strict pulling strength on hump day with some weighted pull-ups with some gymnastics core strength. Use your rest between sets wisely. Then get a buddy and work through 12 total rounds of walls, devil presses and sit-ups.

Thursday: A long AMRAP is on deck for Endurance Thursday. Three different kinds of carries will be mixed in with double unders, running and some weighted movements to help you build some stability under fatigue.

Friday: After some heavy pulls earlier in the week, it’s important that we balance that out with pressing. Friday’s strength features a pressing complex, followed by ascending reps of burpees and descending reps of hang clean and press. 

Saturday: Two workouts are set for this Saturday. The 7:45 class will work through 3 different  9 minute AMRAPs with a short rest in between. 9am starts off with an olympic lifting strength, followed by an 18 minute workout that ends with building to a heavy power snatch. The faster you work, the more time you’ll have to lift.


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