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Chaka Weekly Programming 6/29 - 7/4

Remember that this Saturday is July 4th and we will be doing 3 classes: 7:30am, 8:45am and 10am.  Make sure to RSVP on TRIIB so you can get in and celebrate with a tough workout!

Monday: We are back on the gainz train again and continuing to build up that Back Squat during our Strength portion.  Then the WOD has running, descending reps of pull-ups and ascending reps of snatches. Can you hang on and go unbroken through all 4 rounds?

Tuesday: Bent rows, wall walks and clamshells are on deck for our Strength to start the day.  And we finish with a 2-part WOD; how many reps can you get in the first part, then how fast can you go in the second?

Wednesday: Oly Day! We’re focusing on moving some heavy weights in a Clean Complex during the Strength, and then moving the barbell efficiently during the WOD.   

Thursday: Ah, the 1-mile run, everyone’s favorite! That’s how Thursday’s WOD starts, then we move into some work with rowing, step-ups and wall balls.

Friday: Now for everyone’s actual favorite movement, Bench Press! Some upper body pushing starts off our day before we move into our WOD.  For our Double Unders, let’s focus on staying relaxed and then smoothly moving through the T2B, Push Press and Slam Balls.

Saturday: Happy Independence Day! Our WOD is a chipper called “Stars and Stripes”. Some movements have 50 reps representing the Stars on the flag and the burpees are 13 reps for the Stripes.  Have fun moving through this WOD and then enjoy your holiday!


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