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Chaka Weekly Programming 6/8 - 6/13

Hey everyone, as Cumberland County approaches the Green Phase of reopening there's going to be changes to classes and scheduling. This week, Outdoor Classes are 9am Monday and Wednesday and 6pm Thursday. Be sure to keep your eyes on TRIIB, Facebook and your inbox for more updates.  For Monday through Thursday this week we’re continuing our Outdoor Classes as well as home workouts.

Home Programming Notes:

Monday:  It’s Push/Pull day in our Strength with chest presses and rows.  And our workout is gonna spike those heart rates with a couplet of High Pulls and Squat Thrusts.  See if you can maintain the intensity from start to finish!

Tuesday:  Turkish Get-ups are one of the best whole body exercises ever and we’re building up to a 3 rep max on each arm.  And our WOD is a lovely ascending ladder of squat cleans, box jumps and T2B or V-ups. And as if that wasn’t enough, we’re gonna do it again but in reverse.  The goal is to finish under 8 minutes!

Wednesday:  We’re blasting the abs to start and then heading into a challenging EMOM with DU’s, HSPU’s and weighted lunges.  Who doesn’t love a good EMOM?!?!

Thursday:  You’ve got running workouts and Tabata workouts.  What happens when you combine the two? Find out with this WOD that has 5 runs and 4 Tabatas!

Friday: Curtsy squats anyone? Have fun trying out a new movement during the Strength.  And don’t forget about the WOD, its gonna be a killer burn with snatches, burpees and sit-ups!

Saturday:  Ah the weekend! We’re finishing out the week strong with another combo of Hero WOD and Girl WOD.  This time “DT” meets “Cindy” in an epic WOD called “Cin-DT”!

Outdoor Programming Notes:

Monday: Slam-balls are making their way into our workouts along with push-ups, Russian twists and step ups. This WOD is a 2-parter: climb as high as you can in the first part and then work through backwards for time.

Tuesday: Rest Day

Wednesday: Wednesday starts with some gymnastics work and then we're on to some max effort intervals with DB's, burpees and running.

Thursday: It's Cardio Day! Running, rowing, jump rope and sit-ups are on the agenda!

Friday & Saturday: Stay tuned to TRIIB, Facebook and your inbox :)


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