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Chaka Weekly Programming 7/13 - 7/18

The heat wave hasn’t stopped us from working hard at Chaka! Shout out to each and every one of our members for putting in some hard work last week despite the extremely warm weather. We’ve got another week of great workouts on tap, so bring your A-game and maybe an extra towel because it’s gonna get sweaty!

Monday: This is the fourth week of our back squat cycle, which means it’s a deload week. Take this time to let your legs recover and really focus on perfect form for your squats!

Tuesday: It’s all about the core for Tuesday’s strength. A quick EMOM to start off with, followed by a long AMRAP with a buddy. Use your rest wisely and work hard for each other!

Wednesday: We continue our strict pulling work on Wednesday during our strength, with some banded accessories to keep those hips happy. Then it’s time for some interval work with a barbell or dumbbells, focussing on being able to actively recover between intervals.

Thursday: Everyone’s favorite day of the week. The only thing that makes an Endurance Thursday better is a heat wave. Bring some extra water cause this one is spicy! 6 Rounds of 6 minute windows of a workout appropriately named “even splits”. You’ll have to get here to find out the rest!

Friday: We change things up for our Friday strength utilizing the landmine press and landmine RDL. We bring home the work week with a quick AMRAP followed by a gymnastics workout featuring the traditional 21-15-9 format.

Saturday: Both 7:45 and 9am will get their fair share of running this weekend, paired with some movements we haven’t seen in a while. Atomic sit-ups, russian twists and muscle ups?? The only thing that could make these any better is heavy power cleans! Well we’ve got ya covered. See ya this weekend!


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