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Chaka Weekly Programming 7/20 - 7/25

The time has come folks! We have reached the end of our back squat cycle. Hopefully we’ll see some heavy weights go up this week and cap it off with more quality workouts! Here we go!

Monday: Time to go big or go home! We’re retesting our back squats on Monday, so throw some weight on that bar and let’s lift heavy! We then move into a ladder workout using a kettlebell and our body weight. 

Tuesday: It’s all about intervals today. Your choice of biking or rowing to begin for some cardio. The WOD consists of 5 one-minute stations for max effort, and luckily one is rest. What will be harder? The workout or adding up all the reps after?

Wednesday: We get our fair share of gymnastics in on Wednesday. Ascending and descending reps of pull-ups and dips for a strength. Then we hit 3 x 5 minute AMRAPs to get the heart rate up and our muscles pumpin’! 

Thursday: Even if you’re not into running, this endurance Thursday has something for everyone. Cardio, bodyweight and a heavy lift! What more could you ask for? You won’t want to miss this one!

Friday: If you haven’t made friends with the barbell by this point in the week, you surely will today. You two will get real close in this workout that’s six, count em, six rounds for time! Even splits is the name of the game so don’t go out too hot and finish strong. 

Saturday: 7:45 tackles a long chipper with big sets. Break it up into manageable sets and keep moving! 9:00am will work through some snatch work for a strength, and then complete a challenging overhead squat workout. Can you make it under the time cap? Come in and


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