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Chaka Weekly Programming 7/27 - 8/1

Our back squat cycle is over, and we saw a lot of PRs go up last week! Great job on all the hard work put in over the last 5 weeks, crew! Our next 6 week cycle will be revolving around the snatch. We’ll be implementing lots of variations of that lift so that we can build strength and stability in all points of the lift, and it starts this week!

Monday: Our snatch work begins on Monday, as we look to build to a heavy lift for the day that we can refer back to over the next 6 weeks for percentages. We then take some weight off the bar to cycle through snatches. Can you get them all in before the time cap?

Tuesday: Teamwork makes the dream work! That’s the name of the game for Tuesday’s WOD. It’ll take you and two buddies to complete this long chipper. Grab your team and get after it!

Wednesday: There’s enough tough workouts out there, so it’s time to slow it down a little bit. This week we will be introducing “Wake Up Wednesday”. This workout is designed to get our bodies moving, prep our muscles and build some stability. It is designed to be completed at a slower pace and focus on quality movement. We’ll then finish with a strength building EMOM.

Thursday: All sorts of descending rep schemes for this Endurance Thursday. There may be a lot of reps, a lot of rowing and a big ole heaping helping of the barbell, but at least the reps only get smaller! It’s all downhill once you start.

Friday: Since we had descending reps on Thursday, it’s only fair that we ascend on Friday! In both our gymnastics strength and dumbbell dominant workout, the reps will build by 2. How far can you get without having to go back down?

Saturday: 7:45 is in for a true leg burner this week! Running, wallballs and high pulls. Nuff said! 9:00am will get some interval work with bodyweight movements and dumbbells. The faster you go, the more rest you’ll have. So come ready to work!


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