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Chaka Weekly Programming 7/6 - 7/11

We had a great turnout for our 4th of July event! Thank you to everyone who came out, worked hard and celebrated our independence!

Monday: We're continuing through our Back Squat cycle and building up that leg strength! Today we're building up a 1+ Back Squat. The WOD is an EMOM format with some cardio, gymnastics and building up to a heavy Squat Clean!

Tuesday: Its Kettlebell Day! We're taking some KBs on a walk during the Strength with 2 different types of kettlebell carries and then the WOD is a burner with swings, running and more!

Wednesday: Working out with friends is way more fun than working out alone, right? So we've got Partner Day all day! Work though some pushing and pulling together during the strength and chip through the WOD together!

Thursday: We've got 30 minutes and 5 different windows. Get the work done in each window and maximize your rest before the next one starts!

Friday: Who doesn't love snatching?! We're combining the Strength into the WOD and adding some cardio and gymnastics to our Olympic lifting and building up to some heavy snatches!

Saturday: There's 2 choices for you today; 7:45 and 9am classes will have different workouts. Both classes have the same strength with vertical pulling and pushing but the WODs are different. 7:45 is gonna have a lot of fun with DBs and and EMOM and 9am is gonna gather reps in an AMRAP with barbell work, burpees and handstand pushups!


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