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Chaka Weekly Programming 8/10 - 8/15

This week marks week three of our snatch cycle. We’re changing up the order of our normal strength days, but don’t worry… big weights will still be going up! This week we’ll be pairing some heavy weights with some longer, endurance style workouts so get ready for some fun!

Monday: We’re going to save our snatches for later this week. Monday will be filled with some endurance pieces and a little pump session because beach season isn’t over yet! A great way to start off the week strong. 

Tuesday: Tuesday is all about gymnastics! Your choice of what to work on to begin, and then we’ll go right into a core EMOM. From there it’s time to move through descending reps with a slamball and a jump rope!

Wednesday: Wake Up Wednesday is back! This will be a great way to prepare our bodies to get back to moving some big weight! Once we’re all activated and ready to rock, we’ll move through 3 separate EMOMs to work on our snatch.

Thursday: AMRAP 32. Nuff’ said for this endurance Thursday! How far can you build up? Come in and find out!

Friday: We had Wake Up Wednesday, now it’s time for Fast Friday! 3 by 1 minute stations into a spicy buyout to finish! What a way to bring home the work week!

Saturday: We’re gonna finish the week long and strong! Get a buddy for 7:45am as you work through a two part aerobically challenging workout where you’ll get real close with a machine of your choice. Then at 9am, two complexes. 42-30-18 into 21-15-9. A barbell, wallball and jump rope is all you’ll need to crush it! Good luck!


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