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Chaka Weekly Programming 8/17 - 8/22

These weeks are flying by! Hard to believe we are on week 4 of our snatch cycle! This week’s workouts bring a wide variety of short and fast, heavy and light. Basically it’s everything you could ever need! Be sure to get in on the fun, lift some heavy weights and get after it!

Monday: Strict presses are today’s main course with a heaping helping of reverse flys to go with it. We then have a different kind of EMOM for the workout. It’s appropriately named and E1+2MOM, and you’ll have to get in here to check it out!

Tuesday: If you’re not comfortable with dumbbells, you will be after tuesday! 6 rounds for time of dumbbell debauchery followed by some accessory lifts to help us stay healthy and strong!

Wednesday: Ahhh the day has come… snatch day! We introduce a new variation of a snatch known as a “reverse” or “top down” snatch. We then hit a fun, but challenging workout named “Nine Lives.” Good luck!

Thursday: Wallballs, slamballs and burpees. Can you finish this Endurance Thursday workout under the time cap? It’s only 21-15-9! Well that, times two, maybe times three…

Friday: We’ve had enough workouts this week, so now it’s time to slow things down. We start Friday off with some much needed mobility and a Flow Friday strength. We then bring home the workout with a quick 9 minute AMRAP. 

Saturday: This weekend’s two workouts are doozies! “Buns and Thighs” followed by “Holleyman’s Little Brother”. No strengths are needed to pair with these bad boys. Just get in here and get work done!


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