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Chaka Weekly Programming 8/24-29

We are now past the halfway point of our snatch cycle! This week marks Week 5! We’ve been hitting the snatch hard with some big weights and focusing on the first pull off the ground. We’ll continue that emphasis in the first part of this week, and then we take some weight off and focus on good technique and speed throughout the lift as we get towards the weekend. You may have also heard some exciting news that Chaka will be holding an in-house competition next month! More details on that are coming, so keep an eye out! Now, let’s break down this week’s workouts. 

Monday: Coming off of a weekend with two tough workouts, “Just Move Monday” is exactly what we need to start the week off on the right foot. After we’re nice and warmed up, we’ll be moving some big weights with a snatch complex followed by some snatch pulls. 

Tuesday: Grab a buddy and take on this double under challenge to start off our Tuesday, but make it count because you only get ONE attempt. We’ll then pair some rowing or biking with some gymnastics and bring it home with some interval work that requires a calorie buy in each round.

Wednesday: Keep that partner for Wednesday’s WOD cause we’re not done yet! After a single leg and upper body strength, you and a partner will work through 5 rounds of a sandbag scorcher. Work for each other and push the pace!

Thursday: Everyone’s favorite day of the week features a famous Girl Workout with a little twist. “Linda’s Dumbbell Sandwich” will be a test of endurance, grip and will! Make sure to get here so you can test all three.

Friday: We’re keeping it simple to bring home the work week. Overhead squats for a strength, and a 12 minute AMRAP for a workout. How hard can that be?... It’s always the simple ones that sneak up on ya!

Saturday: This weekend’s workouts are appropriately titled, “ Girls, Heroes and Dumbbells” followed by “Suffer on Saturday”. Pick your poison and make sure to get here so you don’t miss out on the fun!


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