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Chaka Weekly Programming 8/3 - 8/8

We are continuing with our snatch cycle as we move on to week 2. This week we’ll be getting comfortable with moving the barbell through some longer endurance WODs, paired with some bodyweight movements to keep the intensity up. Get here to see what the week has in store!

Monday: Week 2 of our snatch cycle comes with working on pulling the bar off the floor. We then work through some intervals of rowing, running and moving a moderately heavy barbell.

Tuesday: No strength on this Tuesday, just lots of work. Three different mini workouts. One AMRAP. Two with rounds for time, but all three will be a challenge!

Wednesday: We’ll spend some time with an accessory lift of the snatch with some overhead squats. Then it’s time for a WOD with large sets of gymnastic movements. Break it up and keep moving!

Thursday: Oh my core! We start off Endurance Thursday with some midline madness, before moving into a 5 round workout sandwiched between two half miles.

Friday: Last week we had “wake up wednesday”, this week we have “flow friday”. Our first piece is meant to be completed at about 70% of your capacity. Take time to focus on quality movement. Then push the pace in the workout. 

Saturday: Two long workouts to start the weekend right! 7:45ers will work through 3 different stations with something we haven’t seen in a while… sled pushes! You’ll need a buddy for 9am with some high skill gymnastics and heavy weights! A killer combo!


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