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Chaka Weekly Programming 8/31-9/5

Week 6 of our snatch cycle is on deck, and there are no signs of slowing down! This week we’ll be throwing everything but the kitchen sink into our workouts. Short to long, heavy to light, fast to slow. You name it, you’ll probably see it. Also, as this cycle gets closer to 8 weeks, we are quickly approaching our “Fun Week”, which is where you get to throw in suggestions for workouts! Start brainstorming some of your favorite WODs and post them in the Chaka Clan or email us to get your suggestions in!

Monday: Monday we’re getting our anaerobic systems with some sprints on a bike or row, immediately into a set of heavy deadlifts. We’ll then hit a E2MOM for 18 minutes working on some longer rowing and biking intervals, barbell cycling and core. 

Tuesday: Three sets of a running clock with a short rest in between. We’re testing grip strength, endurance and just sure will today. Grab two dumbbells and a box and get after this absolute doozie. 

Wednesday: We’re going heavy with our snatches on HUMP DAY, but not before a solid Wake Up Wednesday to prep our bodies and minds to lift! 

Thursday: Endurance Thursday calls for three separate EMOMs, but not the nice ones where there is lots of built in rest. The faster you work the more rest you’ll have, but some minutes call for max reps. Find a solid number of reps and try to hold on to that for each round!

Friday: We’ve got a  full day to bring home the work week! Skill work, a strength and a workout? How did we get so lucky? Make sure to get in here so you don’t miss out!

Saturday: 7:45 am - 35 minute time cap. Need I say more? Probably not, but I will anyway! Grab a buddy and take on this core taxing partner workout! Then at 9:00, we’ll hit an upper body strength followed by a tough chipper to finish the week with a bang.


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