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Chaka Weekly Programming: 12/16/19-12/21/19

This week marks the 6th week of our new cycle after the Open, featuring our strength endurance and aerobic capacity focus. Last week was heavy on squats and barbell cycling, while this upcoming week will feature several different interval style workouts designed to build up our engines! All aboard the gainz-train!! CHOO-CHOO!!

Monday: At CrossFit, we’ll kick off our week with some barbell cycling work in our strength, followed by a real leg burner of a workout. Chaka will also be going heavy on the legs to start off the week, as they work through a long endurance workout with descending reps.

Tuesday: Tuesday features an Olympic strength at CrossFit that will help us build strength towards our hang squat clean strength test from week 1. You’ll then work through some moderately heavy hang power cleans under fatigue. Chaka Fit will try to stay consistent through a biking interval workout. Try to keep those times close!

Wednesday: You’ll be box jumping for joy once you see CrossFit’s skill on Wednesday, which is followed by a gymnastic style workout that will be sure to give your forearms a good burn. Chaka Fit will work through a long EMOM after some core and shoulder work for a strength. Use your rest wisely!

Thursday: This Endurance Thursday will feature more dumbbell movements than you may have hoped for, but we don’t always get what we want for Christmas. This workout is sure to prep Santa for all those cookies because you’ll be running, biking and rowing all the way to the North Pole! You won’t want to miss it!

Friday: We’re back to the barbell on Friday to cap off the week with a single leg and pulling strength, followed by some interval training that will test your ability to withstand time under tension. Chaka Fit features a gymnastic skill/ strength followed by a kettlebell workout with a movement we don’t see very often: The burpee jackal!

Saturday: Weekends for this new cycle will feature twists of classic CrossFit Girl WOD’s and Benchmark tests. For this week, CrossFit will tackle “Helen and Friends” while Chaka Fit will get after “Elizabethie”. Come out and see what these changes bring!

Sunday: 10am Boot Camp (must have any punch card), 10am-12pm Open Gym.


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