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February 10th - February 15th

Alright folks, no more funny business. Fun week is officially over, and it's time to get back to work! We're moving onto our next cycle. This one is all about intensity! We'll be working through an 8-week mini cycle focused around anaerobic conditioning. Get ready to bump up that heart rate and get moving!

Monday: We kick things off hitting our lower body in both CrossFit and Chaka for a strength, then move into a dumbbell and double under burner, finishing off with a fun partner buy-out challenge. We're starting this cycle off with a bang!

Tueday: GOAT Tuesdays continue in this new cycle, and this week you'll be taking on strict challenge as an alternative option. CrossFit then takes on 6 rounds of a partner WOD with some synchronized movements, and Chaka works through 14 minutes of a chipper with a bottleneck finish.

Wednesday: On Wednesdays we Oly lift! Come in and test your strength on this fun complex and olympic lifting WOD. Chaka Fit hits the anaerobic system hard with some 3 x 3 minute AMRAPs.

Thursdays: Even though this cycle focuses on the anaerobic system, we'll still be keeping with the endurance Thursdays theme. This week you'll have a 10 minute window to complete a certain number of reps. Can you make it under 10 all three times?

Friday: We're rolling with more interval work to cap off the work week. CrossFit gets under some heavy weight, while Chaka will be honing in on cycling body weight movements efficiently and quickly.

Saturday: Every thing is better with a buddy, and workouts are no different. So grab a pal and "pull" them along for a challenging partner WOD at Chaka Fit on Saturday. Barbell class continues at 9am, and then choose your own destiny WODs are back in action at CrossFit. Pick your poison and decide how you're going to work through 225 reps of fun. See ya there!

Sunday: Sunday: 10:15 am Boot Camp HIIT Class. 10am- 12pm Open Gym.


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