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Week of 1/27 to 2/2

Announcement: Ladies and gentlemen don't forget to save the date for two fun filled evenings at Chaka! They're quickly approaching and you won't want to miss it!!

Week of 1/27 to 2/2

Well folks, we made it! Week 12 of our post open cycle is here! It’s time to put up some big numbers and fast times for these strength endurance retests to see how much we’ve improved! This week also marks the fifth week of our new weekend schedule featuring Barbell class at 9am on Saturday! This class will be and has been extremely beneficial for all ability levels, from novice lifters to seasoned vets. Be sure to come check it out regardless of where you stand with a barbell!

Monday: We start our week off with our 5RM Hang Squat Clean retest. Hang onto that bar and put up some big weight! CrossFit then keeps with the 21-15-9 theme for Monday’s with some rowing added in. Chaka Fit will work through a leg burner of a WOD and then cap off class with a core buy-out.

Tuesday: This is the third week of GOAT Tuesdays. Both classes will feature a 12 minute time block for you to pick a skill or lift in CrossFit that you’d like to get better at and get valuable feedback from our coaches! Use this time wisely and focus on specific skills to hone in on! CrossFit then takes on an AMRAP filled with explosive movements, while Chaka Fit gets to choose their own route to finish some interval work.

Wednesday: Wednesday features our second and final test for this strength and endurance cycle. We’re used to running in the cold, so this aerobic challenge should be no problem! How much can you beat your baseline score by?

Thursday: We got enough running in yesterday to last us until our next cycle, so we’ll be staying inside for this Endurance Thursday. However, you may wish we were outside because thrusters and the echo bike are waiting for you on the inside! Luckily you’ll have some movements between to break up those two beasts, but this workout is going to be a challenge!

Friday: We’re capping off the work week with almost every gymnastic skill you could think of. Leg levers, handstand work and rope climbs are all apart of this Fun Friday WOD. For Chaka Fit, you’ll need a buddy to work through a dumbbell dominant workout followed by a “death-by buy-out…” You won’t want to miss it!

Saturday: CrossFit will be pushing and pulling their way through their strength piece before they get a partner to tackle 20, that’s right, 20 rounds of a barbell WOD. Chaka Fit will work through an interval style WOD with some built in rest, so be sure to push the pace and use your rest wisely! Don’t forget about Barbell at 9am either! This week we’ll be hammering technique on the clean and jerk. See ya then!

Sunday: 10:15 am Boot Camp HIIT Class. 10am- 12pm Open Gym.


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